Ledyard Substation, Ledyard, IA

October 2021 to July 2022. 

Ledyard was a new construction 345kV 222MVA Collector Substation for the Ledyard Wind Farm. Paradigm completed all aspects of the project except site construction of the substation pad and 3rd party testing. We poured all foundations, installed owner-furnished steel, breakers, switches, capacitor banks, welded aluminum bus, metering equipment, and surface rock. We furnished and installed all foundations, grounding, conduit, and control cable. 

For Duke Energy


Ledyard Transmission Tie-In, Ledyard, IA

April to June 2022. 

This was an 1,850’ 345kV transmission line to connect the Ledyard Substation to an existing switchyard. The line consisted of two self-supporting steel structures (155’ & 165’ tall) on concrete piers (10’ dia. x 42’ deep & 10’ dia. x 46’ deep) and one 135’ direct buried steel structure. The extreme high of the structures was due in part to the fact that the line crossed over and existing 161kV transmission line. 

For Duke Energy


Ordway Line Reconfiguration, Ordway, SD

March 2022 to May 2022. 

This project reconfigured the 115kV portion of an existing 115/230kV substation by removing an existing deadend structure, 115kV breaker, metering equipment, aluminum bus, and control cable and installing new foundations, structures, breakers, metering equipment, bus, control cable, and restoring the surface rock with new material. 

For Basin Electric


El Sauz Transmission Line, Raymondville, TX

April 2022 to August 2022. 

This was a 4.2 mile 345kV wood H-structure transmission line built to connect the newly constructed El Sauz Collector Substation to the existing Rio Hondo 345kV Switchyard. The line was all direct buried wood H-structures with helical anchor guyed angle structures. 

For APEX Clean Energy/Wanzek Construction


Drayton Switchyard, Drayton, ND

June 2022 to September 2022. 

Drayton was an existing 230kV 6 Bay Switchyard with lattice structures, oil breakers, and strain bus. Working in an energized yard, ½ of the switchyard was de-energized so we could remove 2 of the existing breakers, their foundations, and related strain bus and replace them with gas insulated breakers on new foundations with new switches and welded tubular aluminum bus. Once the first 2 breakers we energized the other side of the yard was de-energized so we could repeat the process with the remaining 2 oil breakers. 

For Minnkota Power Company


Moorhead DOE Substation MPT Change-out, Moorhead, MN

July 2022 to September 2022. 

Due to the failure of an existing 230/115kV Main Power Transformer, Moorhead Public Service had to remove the existing MPT and replace it. We disconnected the existing MPT, associated Circuit Switcher, and control cable. We then modified the existing foundation, bus work, and control cable to accommodate the replacement MPT.