Prairie Switchyard, Grand Forks, ND

April 2021 to September 2021. 

Prairie was an existing 230kV 4 Bay Ring Bus Switchyard to which we added a 5th Bay. Minnkota did all of the below grade work including foundations. We set all of the steel and equipment which included 3 Breakers, 6 Switches, 3 CCVTs, 2 Dead End Structures and all Bus, Switch, and Equipment Supports. We also terminated all Control Wire at the yard equipment. The Ring Bus was all 6” Tubular Aluminum and the Bay Bus was 4”. 

For Minnkota Power Company


Prairie North, Grand Forks, ND

April 2021 to August 2021. 

Prairie North was a new construction 230/34.5kV Substation adjacent to the Prairie Switchyard. Minnkota had completed all of the foundations and most of the below grade conduit installation. We completed the remaining below grade work and installed all of the steel and equipment for both the 230kV and the 6 Bay 34.5kV sides. The MPT was installed by Minnkota. 

For Minnkota Power Company


Independence Wind Substation, Manchester, IA

May 2021 to September 2021. 

The Independence Sub was new construction of a 161/34.5kV 60MVA Collector Substation for the Independence Wind Farm. Our scope was the complete construction of the sub including foundations and all below grade and above grade work. We also installed and wired the prefabricated Control House and all power and control cables. The steel structures were all modular steel and the Breakers were all Pad Mounted. 

For Consulting Engineering Group


Elora Wind Transmission Line, Elora, TN

January 2021 to July 2021. 

This was a 5 mile 161kV Transmission Line in a heavily wooded area where there was extensive site work required to access the line. The structures were steel with direct buried tangent and self-supporting angle structures on concrete piers. Structure heights ranged from 95’ to 145’ above ground with concrete piers ranging from 9’ x 24’ to 10’ x 37’. 

For NextEra Eergy/Energy Erectors


Elora Wind Substation Foundations, Elora TN

January 2021 to July 2021. 

Our scope this substation was the foundations only. There were 20 piers and 8 slabs of various sizes totaling 197 cubic yards. 

For NextEra Eergy/Energy Erectors